As the name suggests, this ascot was made for my friend, Lindsay.  Lindsay is practical, but elegant. She needed an accessory that checked both those boxes.


One skein Farm Fairy Fiber Thanks for Mutton (pictured in “Diane”). 100g, 365m.

2.75 mm needles (or size needed for gauge)

4.0 mm needles.

4 8mm pearl buttons


30st= 4″ in stockinette on smaller needles


Cast on 35 stitches

Basketweave section:

Row 1: knit all stitches

Row2: k3, *k5, p3* to last 8 stitches, k8

Row 3: k3, p5, *k3, p5* to last 3 stitches, k3

Row 4: as row 2

Row 5: Knit all stitches

Row 6:  k4, p3, k1, *k4, p3, k1* to last 3 stitches, k3

Row 7: k3, *p1, k3, p4* to last 8 stitches, p1, k3, p1, k3

Row 8: As row 6

Repeat rows 1-8 five times, then rows 1-5 once.

Next row (WS): knit 12, kfb, knit to end of row.

Switch to larger needles to begin brioche section.

Set up row: *yo, sl1 wyib, k1* to end of row.

Brioche pattern: *yo, sl1 wyib, k2tog (slipped stitch and yo from previous row)* to end of row.

Repeat brioche pattern row until work measures 23″ from cast on row, ending on WS row.

Next row: *sl1 wyib, k2tog* to end.

Switch to smaller needles.

Set-up row: knit 12, k2tog, knit to end of row

Work rows 1-8 of Basketweave section six times, then rows 1-5 once, adding in button holes in 9th, 21st, 33rd, 45th rows as follows:

Button hole row: knit to three stitches from end.  Yo twice, k3.

Next row: k2tog twice, p1, continue row in pattern.

Bind of loosely. Weave in ends, sew on buttons.  Block lightly.